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Most Expensive Vape Mods

expensive vape modsVapes has become a trend and people are growing to use it even more. The popularity of vapes has raised the need for more expensive vape mods to show a social status symbol. The expensive vape mods come with the best box mods, flavors, and exclusive additions in order to make vaping special for people. But what makes vaping so special for people that they are even willing to pay millions of dollars just to get their hands on them?

Let’s take a closer look at the most expensive and luxurious mods in the market made only for the people who are fond of having only the best vapes.

  1. Shisha Sticks Sofia: This vape mod is ridiculously the most expensive vape on earth. As the matter of fact, this mod is difficult to determine whether it is a piece of jewelry or a vape. This vape mod was manufactured on the personal order of a Russian billionaire as the birthday gift for his girlfriend. The $887,000 custom-made diamond-encrusted machine is truly a masterpiece. This mod is featured with 24-carat gold button, 246 pieces of 2-carat diamond each worth $1,956 and Italian Murano glass.
  1. SX350J Dual 18650: This vape mod comes at the second most expensive mod designed and created by Magic Valley Vapors. This is a $109,000 Vape mod featured with dual 18650 batteries which are rechargeable via micro USB. These batteries are used to power Yihicigars SX350J mini circuit board. This amazing 3D piece of technology is beautifully crafted.
  1. Top Hat Ti 26650: The $10,000 Ti 26650 vape mod designed and produced by Top Hat Company in Tennessee. This mod does not have fully gold, silver, or diamonds and is still not cheap. The design goes with the combination of different colors and natural wood. Also, some of the titanium, gold, and silver were used while manufacturing of this gorgeous luxury mod.  
  1. Otto Carter: At the fourth number, Otto Carter can cost you around $10,000 which is designed beautifully. This unique mod was designed by Texan Firearms Engraver using brass and stainless steels. Also, the surface is beautifully crafted with the most wonderful patterns.
  1. Gepetto Elite V2: This luxurious vape mod is $2,500 costly. These mods are unique so it is a bit difficult to find them on the market. The price may rise to $3,000 - $4,000 while bidding. This mod was manufactured using stainless steel cylinder and was made out of handcrafted wood.
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